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Mobile site


  1. How do I go to my profile?

    When you sign up or log in you will see either your email or name. You click your name and you will go to your social page.

  2. How do I add friends?

    When you log in and click your name, click on "Browse all members" and type in the name you want. When you find your friend click his/her name and under his/her picture you will see "add as friend".

  3. How do I change my profile picture?

    When you log in, click "Edit Profle" and change it.

  4. Where did all my photos go?

    We were having technical difficulties with the pics page so we reset it and all of the photos deleted.

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Social Sites

  1. Can I successfully sign up and log in with my Facebook account.

    Yes, you can successfully sign up and log in with your Facebook account.

  2. Can I sign up with my Twitter account?

    No, you cannot sign up with your twitter account.

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Mobile site

  1. Can we change our profile picture on mobile?

    Sorry but no we have to raise a little more money for that setting.
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  1. What happened to the group chat?

    The company was updating the chat so we put our old chat back. Untill the group chat is updated you will have to single chat.

  2. How to use the chat?

    Click your profile picture/little head at the bottom widget. It will pull up your friends who are online and offline. If your friend who you want to chat with is online just click their name and you will start chatting.

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New Chat Room

  1. Do you supposed to log in with your name and password?

    Not really. You can make a username and don't worry about the password, that's only for admins. 

  2. How to private chat?

    When you log in, look at the right side,find the person you want to private chat with,click the person's name then click the bottom box. You should see private chat. Click that then there you go! Have fun chatting.

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